Jay-Z And Beyonce Might Be Trading In That Maybach For A Bentley


Mercedes‘ announcement that Maybach will be closing its doors in the coming year has left a number of celebrities looking for a new exclusive brand where they can spend their money.

Reuters is reporting that Bentley’s executive team is taking an active approach to building their customer base by sending letters to celebrities and others in the public spotlight who are current Maybach owners.

This list of potential new clients includes Samuel L. Jackson, Jay-Z, billionaire Roman Abramovich, and noted car collector the Sultan of Brunei, among many others.

Since the announcement, Maybach clients have been reaching out to Bentley and CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer is beginning to write letters to other Maybach owners to entice them to be Bentley clients.

The potential customers that have reached out to Bentley were upset over the sudden axing of the Maybach brand and are looking for something to replace their current cars.

The reason they bought a Maybach in the first place was that they were looking for a car that had an even more exclusive luxury nameplate than Mercedes-Benz. With the brand closing, Bentley and Rolls-Royce are two of the only companies that would fit the bill.

While Bentley is actively pursuing customers, Rolls-Royce will welcome new clients but is taking a passive approach. They have said what Bentley is doing is “not the Rolls-Royce way.”

Bentley’s executive board is even inviting these potential buyers to come to their English factory for a VIP tour in order to welcome them to the brand.

If the grand plan works, we may be seeing more and more celebrities in the $300,000 Bentley Mulsanne and fewer and fewer in anything from Mercedes-Benz.

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