Jay Z and Beyoncé might be releasing a secret album on Tidal to get more people to use the service

In an attempt to breathe life into Jay Z’s recently launched streaming service, the rapper might release a joint album with wife Beyoncé exclusively on Tidal.

DJ Skee, an entertainment commentator based in LA, says his sources are certain that a full-length Jay and Bey collaboration is nearing completion and set to launch exclusively on Tidal. That portion of the story starts at 1:50:

As Cosmopolitan.com points out, DJ Skee first mentioned a joint album in the fall. It’s possible he has a direct line to a member of Jay and Bey’s entourage who is feeding him this intel. But keep in mind that Beyoncé was able to release her surprise album without a single soul suspecting it was in the works, so the Knowles-Carters are old pros when it comes to assembling secret LPs.

However, as DJ Skee himself points out, Jay Z has already tried an exclusive (although not so secret) album launch — and it backfired when the album leaked online, making it easier for fans to pirate the music than it was to obtain it legally.

Still, a joint album between Beyoncé and Jay Z could send people scrambling for Tidal memberships, and the service could use a leg up. Despite the star-studded press conference and accompanying celeb Instagram posts trumpeting the arrival of Jay Z’s new streaming service, Tidal appears to be floundering.


Tidal has yet to catch on, perhaps because it hasn’t done much to differentiate itself from its competition (aside from costing more than services like Spotify). It has already disappeared from the App Store’s top 700 downloads chart, according to the Guardian, while Spotify and Pandora hit the top four simultaneously for the first time ever.

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