Jay-Z’s Nightclub Gets Shut Down For A Ton Of Health Code Violations That Will Make You Puke


A day after he hosted a lavish re-opening attended by stars like Spike Lee, The Roots and even Warren Buffett, Jay-Z’s 40/40 club has been shut down by New York City health inspectors, the New York Post‘s Philip Messing and Kevin Fasick report.

The details of the violations are not pretty. According to the Post‘s sources:

An inspector found perishable food at dangerously warm temperatures inside the walk-in refrigerator and discovered “hot” food left out on the counter on Thursday, Health Department sources said.

A worker was also seen mixing salsa with his bare hands.

The refrigerator was at a rancid 60 degrees instead of 41 — jeopardizing the safety of 50 pounds of raw chicken wings, five pounds of raw shrimp and 100 turkey burgers, the sources said.

The club’s restaurant has been closed and customers barred from entering.

A spokesman for the club said there “was no interruption in service or sales.” 

But things could get worse. The health inspector cited 69 violation points, 28 more than are allowed for the worst ‘C’ grade. Those violations will be assessed at a hearing next month.

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