There's Just One Kind Of Car Jay Leno Can't Stand

Leno Challenger

Photo: dodge challenger1 via flickr

One person that nearly every car guy is jealous of would have to be Jay Leno. The man has 200 cars spread out across warehouses, all of which he drives.But as it turns out, there are certain cars that Jay won’t go near.

And according to Forbes, one car that Leno just cannot stand is the iconic DeLorean of the 1980s.

John Z. DeLorean, the man who gave his name to the cars, was an early hero of Leno’s. However, when DeLorean was arrested for drug trafficking, Leno took it very hard.

They may not have been close personal friends, but Leno looked up to DeLorean as what was right with the car industry. Forbes reports that when DeLorean was arrested, Leno actually took it very hard.

He realised that DeLorean was not one of the good guys; Instead, he was a “sleazy coke dealer.”

That’s why you won’t find a DeLorean, time machine or not, anywhere in Jay Leno’s garage.

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