Jay Leno "Done With NBC"

USA Today has a major scoop buried in today’s otherwise puffy profile of Jay Leno: a revelation straight from the comic’s mouth that he’s done with NBC.

USA Today: “I am definitely done next year — with NBC,” he says, sitting in a huge recliner in his poster-strewn shop office. Would he go to another network? Leno just smiles. “I’m not a beach guy, and the last time I was in my pool was to fix a light. Don’t worry, I’ll find a job somewhere.”

So, Jay’s not going to be a beach bum, pool guy, or professional swimmer?

The paper also notes that he’s been saving the millions he’s making from The Tonight Show, and doesn’t know what he’ll do with them yet:

“I had two jobs as a kid, one at a fast-food restaurant and one at a Ford dealership. And I’d put the money from one job in one pocket and spend it. And the other paycheck I’d save,” he says. “I do that now. I have always banked my Tonight Show money and lived off the stand-up. I have one credit card, no mortgage, and I don’t lease.”

Any plans for his Tonight Show windfall? Leno leans over a stack of papers, pretending they’re bank statements. “I suppose I’ll just look at the number one day and go, “Oooh, that’s pretty neat,’ ” he says. He says he has set up foundations that donate to a range of charities but then closes the book on the topic.

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