Jay Cutler Gets A Monster Seven-Year Contract From The Bears

The Chicago Bears have re-signed Jay Cutler to a seven-year contract, the team announced this morning.

We don’t know how much money he’s getting yet, but when you compare his stats to those of his peers (see the chart below), it wouldn’t be a surprise if he gets $US100+ million.

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reports that he’ll get $US54 million in the first three years.

Cutler has had an up-and-down tenure in Chicago, and that continued in 2013. With perhaps the best receiving tandem in the league, he went 5-6 as a starter, throwing 19 touchdowns to 12 interceptions.

His back-up, Josh McCown, went 3-2 as a starter and finished with 13 touchdowns to one interception. Some thought this would hurt Cutler when it came to contract negotiations, but it apparently hasn’t.

This contract is yet another sign that quarterback is the most valuable position in any sport.

While Cutler is talented and has had some moments, he has the statistical profile of an above-average quarterback, not a top-five quarterback.

Here’s how he comes to three other guys (Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan) who got monster contracts in the past few years.

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