Here's 16 Beautiful Variations Of Jawbone's New High-End Wristband

Jawbone unveiled a new high-end fitness wristband on Wednesday morning, called the UP3.

In a blog post, Yves BĂ©har, Jawbone’s chief creative officer, described the UP3 as “a departure from previous Jawbone trackers.”

“A key part of the Jawbone design language is to differentiate our product lines with jewelry-like surface textures that present our users with varied choices in materials and finishes,” said Behar.

There are plenty of other interesting and novel aspects about the UP3, which you can read about here, but we wanted to show you some of the colour, pattern and texture combinations you’ll be able to find in the UP3.


Blue and yellow.

Silver and white.

Black and silver.

Purple and gold.

Grey leather and silver.


Red and multi-coloured rope.

Black (alternative pattern).


Silver and grey fabric.



Black with multi-coloured rope.

Red (alternative design).

Gold on brown leather.

And here's a GIF of all the models.

Want one of those colourful Jawbone UP3 units?

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