Argentina Player Stumbles All Over The Place After Scary Head-To-Head Collision, Allowed To Stay In Game

For the second time in this World Cup, a player who appeared to have a head injury was allowed to immediately return to the game.

Argentina’s Javier Mascherano banged heads with the Netherlands’ Georginio Wijnaldum in the 27th minute of the World Cup semifinals:

He landed on his feet but looked woozy and eventually fell down:

He appeared totally out of it:

Mascherano stayed on the ground for a minute:

He walked off on his own power, and clearly wanted to come back into the game:

He came back on immediately:

FIFA doesn’t have a mandatory concussion protocol. It leaves concussion diagnosis up to team doctors. Since substitutions are so valuable, there’s an incentive for teams to keep a concussed player in the game if he says he’s ok.

We don’t know if Mascherano has a concussion, but he clearly looked dazed.

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