Watch Jason Momoa teach his son to throw tomahawks without looking: ‘It’s all about arrogance and confidence’

Jason Momoa showed his son how to throw tomahawks without looking. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
  • Jason Momoa shared videos on his Instagram story in which he showed son Nakoa-Wolf how to throw tomahawks at a bull’s-eye without looking.
  • “It’s all about arrogance and confidence,” the actor said in one video. “You don’t even need to look.”
  • Several axes landed on the board, but in a few blooper videos shared, Momoa completely missed the target.
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Jason Momoa hilariously tried to teach his son how to throw tomahawks without looking at the target, and it went as well as you’d expect.

The 40-year-old “Aquaman” star shared his ax-throwing tutorial in a series of videos posted on his Instagram story.

“Teaching my boy the ol’ no look huck,” Momoa wrote, referring to son Nakoa-Wolf, whom he shares with wife Lisa Bonet.

In the video, the shirtless actor held several axes in his left hand. In the other hand, he aimed one tomahawk at a time before simultaneously looking away and throwing them at the bull’s-eye.

You can see Momoa’s full attempt from his Instagram story, which was captured by @getFANDOM, in the video below.

“You kinda want to glance and turn away. It’s not really important,” Momoa said to his son, who appeared to be recording the video and laughing throughout.

He added: “Just make sure no one’s walking in the way, you know what I’m saying?”

Lots of Momoa’s tomahawks actually hit the target, but in a few “blooper takes” that he shared, some of the objects instead hit a tent or the ground.

“It’s all about arrogance and confidence,” the actor said in one video. “You don’t even need to look.”

Momoa has been self-isolating with Bonet, who he legally married in 2017, and kids Lola and Nakoa-Wolf amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He also released a line of face masks that were produced in the US, with proceeds benefiting First Responders Children’s Foundation and 1Climb.

During a virtual appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the “Game of Thrones” alum said that he’s become a “P.E. coach” as his children are homeschooled. He also said that his house has plenty of activities to keep his kids busy, from skateboard ramps to rock climbing walls.