Jason Momoa shaved off his beard for the first time in 7 years, and fans can't handle it

Jason Momoa/YouTubeJason Momoa shaved off his beard.
  • Jason Momoa shaved off his beard for the first time since 2012, and fans are shocked.
  • The actor revealed the transformation on Wednesday in a video shared on his YouTube channel called “Goodbye Drogo…I SHAVED!”
  • Momoa gave a shoutout to the characters he’s played over the years with his facial hair: Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones,” Arthur Curry in “Aquaman,” and Declan Harp in “Frontier.”
  • “I just want to do this to bring awareness that plastics are killing our planet,” Momoa said. “And I think I have a solution.”
  • The actor encouraged fans to cut down on plastic use by opting for aluminium products instead.
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Jason Momoa shaved off his signature beard for the first time in seven years, and his fans can’t handle it.

On Wednesday, the “Aquaman” star shared a video on his YouTube channel titled “Goodbye Drogo…I SHAVED!”

“I think 2012 is the last time I shaved,” Momoa said in the video.

“Goodbye, Drogo. Bye, Arthur Curry. Bye, Declan,” Momoa shouted, referring to his roles as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones,” Curry in “Aquaman,” and Declan Harp in “Frontier,” as he shaved off pieces of his facial hair and flung them.

The 39-year-old actor said he wanted to raise awareness about ways to be more environmentally friendly.

“I’m shaving this beast off, it’s time to make a change,” he wrote in the video’s description. “A change for the better … for my kids, for your kids, the world. Let’s make a positive change for the health of our planet. Let’s clean up our oceans and our land.”

Momoa said in the video: “I just want to do this to bring awareness that plastics are killing our planet. And I think I have a solution. I don’t want to b—- about it. There’s only one thing that can really help our planet and save our planet, as long as we recycle, and that’s aluminium.”

The actor said that “about 75% of aluminium that’s ever been used is still in circulation today, and it’s 100% recyclable.” In his “quest” to help the environment and cut down on plastic use, Momoa showed off a collection of spring, alkaline, still, and sparkling water, all packaged in recyclable aluminium cans.

“There’s a change coming, and it’s aluminium,” he added. “We’ve got to get rid of these plastic water bottles. Aquaman’s trying to do the best he can.”

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Fans shared their reactions on Twitter. Many said they were caught off guard by the transformation, while others said that perhaps the action would motivate people to recycle more often.




Others said Momoa might have shaved his beard in preparation for his role as Duncan Idaho in the upcoming sci-fi film “Dune,” based on the book by Frank Herbert.

Watch Momoa shave off his beard for the environment in the video below.

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