An American College Kid Became An Online Hero In China After Giving A Homeless Woman Some McDonald's Fries

Jason Loose, a Californian college student, has become a hero on Chinese micro-blogging service Sina Weibo after being photographed sharing some McDonald’s French fries with a homeless woman in Nanjing, China.

Here’s a screengrab of one post citing Loose from Weibo (with Google translated text):

Jason Loose French Fries

(For reference, that post has been “forwarded” 25,424 times, and its not even the only popular post featuring Loose.)

The LA Time’s World Now Blog managed to reach Loose on the phone, who admitted he had no idea why his actions caused such a fuss, and that he had no idea he had been photographed.. He’s now signed up for Weibo, and already has over 9,000 followers, who have begun endearingly calling him “American French Fry Brother”.

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