Jason Collins Has Been Subjected To Gay Taunts From An Opposing Player

Jason Collins

Since becoming the first openly gay athlete in one of the four major North American sports leagues, Jason Collins tenure with the Brooklyn Nets has been lacking in controversy which is exactly how it should be.

However, in an interview with Stefan Bondy of he New York Daily News, Collins said he was subjected to “gay taunts” from one opponent.

Collins refuses to name the player or the team.

“One player, one knucklehead from another team,” Collins told the Daily News. “He’s a knucklehead. So I just let it go. Again, that goes back to controlling what you can control. That’s how I conduct myself just being professional.”

Collins also wanted to make it clear that the idea of being a distraction was overblown which may have also contributed to his decision to ignore the taunts.

It’s great that Collins is just blending in and contributing to a team that is 10-3 since he was signed. But at the same time, the taunts may become more frequent if opponents know Collins won’t do anything about them.