Jason Calacanis: Lifecaster, Escalade Rider

If it didn’t happen on the Internet, it didn’t happen in real life. That was (part of) the spirit behind serial entrepreneur (Mahalo, Weblogs Inc., Silicon Alley Reporter) Jason Calacanisdim sum gathering tonight in New York’s Chinatown. Before dinner, Jason (SA 100 #76) spent a good 20 minutes interviewing his guests — and broadcasting the video live — via his Nokia (NOK) phone. He also Twittered a bunch.

Dinner was great. After Peking duck, shrimp with walnuts, and various dumplings at Golden Unicorn, the group met up with Dealbreaker editor — and alleged Calacanis foe — John Carney and friends for karaoke. Calacanis and Carney didn’t didn’t drop gloves, but hugged it out instead. Good show.

Calacanis, by the way, doesn’t mess around when it comes to transit. Parked outside our basement karaoke joint: a shiny black Escalade. Nice.

Escalade photo credit: Nate Westheimer

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