Jason Calacanis vs. Dave Winer Pissing Match, Round By Round




The first-ever Blog-Twitter pissing match continues.  In case you haven’t been following every snipe from the edge of your seat, here’s a handy round-by-round scorecard:

Friday:    Jason gives speech at Gnomedex about Mahalo and ad-spam.

Friday:    Dave heckles Jason during his presentation, accusing him of “spamming the audience” with a Mahalo pitch.

Friday:    Dave flames Jason on his blog, says Mahalo sucks, blasts Jason for being all about “making money.”

Friday:   Dave “liveblogs” Jason’s presentation, sharing the “spamming the audience” rant with the world.

Saturday:     Jason flames Dave right back, about the heckling (With friends like these…), the blog post, and Mahalo’s openness.  Jason has been to dozens of conferences, never seen such behaviour, etc.

Saturday:        Dave retaliates, defends his original complaint, says Jason now making this “mostly personal.”  Tosses in several more paragraphs on why ad-speeches and Mahalo suck.  Says Jason is egregious promoter and waster of audience time.

Sunday:    Jason Twitters the good news that Dave has resigned from the board of TechCrunch20, the Calacanis-Arrington start-up-presentation conference.  He closes with this zinger: I’m relieved. I don’t want folks trying to make a go of it berated by someone who made it

Monday:    No response from the erstwhile TechCrunch board member and Calacanis friend yet, but we’re hitting “refresh” every six seconds.