Meet Jasmine: The Best Way To Watch YouTube On The iPhone And iPad

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Photo: Kevin Smith, Business Insider

Jasmine is YouTube application we started using earlier this week that’s really impressed us.In our opinion, Jasmine is a better YouTube app than what Google built for YouTube.

The app is easy to use, responds quickly, and even remembers your position when returning to long videos.

The app is packed full of other features too. Another cool addition is the ability to stream audio in the background. This means you can close out the app and still enjoy music while doing other things.

Jasmine is available for iPhone and iPad and is free in Apple’s App Store.

Jasmine is Free in the App Store. It is an excellent alternative to Google's stand-alone YouTube app.

Once Jasmine is downloaded, tap to open.

The first thing we noticed about Jasmine is how minimal it is. The app is ridiculously easy to navigate. Everything is laid out for you.

There is a built-in announcement system that can be accessed by tapping the red 'Announcement' button at the bottom of the screen.

And then we went into the trending category. Trending lists the most popular videos across YouTube.

We found a funny Ellen Show clip. You have the ability to add videos to a favourites list or to a playlist.

Videos look great on the iPhone 5's wide screen. All the controls you're used to are available.

The + in the top right corner of the screen makes it easy to add videos to favourites, add to a playlist, or share with friends.

Jasmine also makes it easy to view channels. You can select a category you're interested in and discover new videos.

If you don't like the Jasmine's white background colour, tap the icon at the top of the screen and you can make it black.

Jasmine is packed with settings to further enhance your experience.

A pro version of the app is available as well. The Pro version gives parental controls and the developer says it also allows him to keep the app free and free of ads.

Jasmine's iPad app offers the same features as the iPhone app, you just have a bigger canvas.

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