Jarryd Hayne is feeling the pressure of the hype about his NFL career


It seems that the media frenzy over Jarryd Hayne’s incredible transition into NFL football is starting to get to the former NRL star, who only a few months ago, had never played a single game of American football in his life.

“I know you are always looking for a storyline so I have to be careful with what I say and how I say it,” Hayne told reporters on Saturday.

“Every man and their dog has been interviewed about me.

“Everyday there’s someone new or someone who has had something to do with me. For me, like I said. I don’t control that. That’s what you guys are doing, not me. That’s not my thing.”

Asked whether he believed the hype surrounding his recent signing to San Francisco’s 53-man roster, the former rugby league star said: “That’s up to you, not to me. You’re the ones holding the cameras and asking the questions. So, that’s out of my control.”

The 49ers are now preparing themselves for the NFL season opener against the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday.

Hayne could still be benched if the coaches opt for one of three other punt returners, Reggie Bush, Bruce Ellington or DeAndrew White.

“Everybody is flying the Hayne plane right now, but if you look at who led our team in punt returns in the pre-season, it wasn’t Jarryd Hayne. It would be DeAndrew White,” Niners special teams coach Thomas McGaughey told reporters.

“When you get so much of this (pointing to the sky) it kind of gets, we have to keep everything into perspective.

“He’s a young player in this league. He’s new. He’s a rookie. Just because he’s from 3000 miles away or wherever he’s from, he’s still a rookie in this league. Most rookies, unless you’re a top 10-15 pick in the draft, they don’t get much hype.

The Niners will have up to 90 minutes before kick-off to name all 46 players for the match against the Minnesota Vikings.