Jared Loughner Terrified Everyone At His Old Community College

Jared Lee Loughner

Since the Arizona massacre on Saturday there have been some very pointless debates about the role of rhetoric in American politics, and whether Sarah Palin used an inappropriate phrase in a video she posted on Vimeo.

But the debate that will emerge have some actual impact is whether society ought to get even more aggressive about pro-actively protecting itself against psychos, which is exactly what everyone who came into contact with shooter Jared Loughner seemed to think he was.

Police records obtained by WSJ from Pima Community College show lots of folks were disturbed and worried for their safety around him. One student told school officials he was carrying a knife. At another time, a physical guard was placed outside his class. By September he was kicked out of classes for his behaviour.

He was also described this way: “Head was constantly tilted to the left and his eyes were jittery and looking up and to the left.”

Of course, this jibes with previous reports on emails from students who suspected that one day he’d be the type to talk into a class with an automatic weapon.

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