Ex-Giants Quarterback Jared Lorenzon Weighs 320 Pounds, Is Still Playing QB

Jared Lorenzen, aka “The Hefty Lefty,” is one of the great football cult heroes of the mid-2000s.

The big-boned QB made a name for himself at Kentucky, where he broke several of Tim Couch’s school records before graduating in 2004.

He played for the New York Giants as a third-string QB until 2007. He finished his NFL career with 28 yards on 4 for 8 passing. In his last year in the NFL, the Giants had him listed at 285 pounds.

Last night, Lorenzen reemerged as QB of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters in the Continental Indoor Football League. He now weights 320 pounds, according to the team’s website.

Kyle Scott of LEX18 news was at the game, and he got some pictures.

What he looks like now:

At age 32, he’s still got it:


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