Jared Leto is apparently a bitcoin expert now

Jared Leto. Photo: Daniel Leals-Olivas/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Jared Leto has some strong feelings and sage advice about cryptocurrency, y’all.

Proceed with caution.

In an interview with Australian radio station Nova last night, the worst Joker ever (fight me if you disagree) has a few things to say about Bitcoin, blockchain. Namely, “it’s not safe”.

“I think everyone can get a sense that digital currency is a part of the future,” Leto satated. “Blockchain in some way or the next gen blockchain is part of the future.”

He goes on to explain.

“There are efficiencies around it, it’s a really compelling technology.”

But there are problems, Leto says.

“We can see there’s a passion for out there, an insane amount of passion, some would say obsession for cryptocurrency. But the issue we’ve seen week in week out, it’s not safe, it’s not secure.”

“Just yesterday four hundred million dollars just disappeared. I don’t want to keep my money in a bank that I thought I could wake up and my entire life savings would be gone one day.”

Leto equates investing in cryptocurrencies to gambling.

“If anyone out there is listening the only suggestion that I would make is if you can’t afford to lose the money, don’t invest it in bitcoin. If you don’t care and it’s an amount of money that you will never miss or if you’re just going to spend it on something stupid, ok well go have some fun. It’s gambling, it’s speculation it’s not investing.”

Leto goes on to give specific investment advice, which unless he holds a financial advisor license in Australia, is potentially illegal.

“There’s a company called ‘Telegram’ that has a good shot at, better than a good shot I think, that they will create a currency that will be used in an app that will be more stable, more secure and more safe.”

So there you go, Jared Leto the cryptocurrency expert.

You can listen to the whole thing here:


This article was originally published by Gizmodo Australia. Read the original post here.

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