Jared Fogle is seeking treatment for his sexual interest in minors

Jared FogleLee Celano/Getty Images for DoveSubway spokesman Jared Fogle is seeking medical treatment.

Jared Fogle is seeking medical treatment following charges that he had sex with minors, according to recently filed court documents.

Fogle’s attorneys filed a motion on Thursday requesting that the court keep all information related to his treatments private, including the name and location of the doctor he’s planning to see. Fox59 first reported on the motion.

The motion also requests permission for Fogle to travel outside the court’s jurisdiction to receive treatment. A judge granted Fogle’s request

s on Friday.

Fogle, a former spokesman for Subway, was charged last month with possessing and distributing child pornography and travelling across state lines to have sex with minors.

He plans to plead guilty to the crimes and pay $US1.4 million in restitution to 14 victims. His sentencing date is November 19.

Following his first court appearance last month, Fogle’s attorney said he “knows he has a medical problem” and has sought evaluation by a “world-class psychologist” to get well.

In the motion, Fogle’s attorneys cited the amount of media attention his case has garnered as a reason for keeping his treatments private.

“Mr. Fogle’s case has attracted significant and sustained attention both from media sources covering the case as well as individuals reaching out to Mr. Fogle’s attorneys and others to express their views on Mr. Fogle’s case. Fogle and he has asked a judge to seal all information related to his treatment,” according to the motion.

“Permitting these details of Mr. Fogle’s request to remain under seal will not simply ensure Mr. Fogle’s privacy and safety. It will also ensure the privacy and safety of the personnel and other patients of the facility Mr. Fogle seeks to visit to obtain the requested medical evaluation.”

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