NFL player tweets shocking photo of chicken head found in Buffalo Wild Wings meal

Green Bay Packers player Jared Cook got an unpleasant surprise on a recent trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. 

On Friday, Cook tweeted that earlier this week he found a chicken head in his meal at the sports bar chain. 

“How Sway? How?” the NFL player tweeted, posting a disturbing photo of the chicken’s head. According to another tweet from Cook, the tongue, eyes, and beak of the bird were all present… with extra seasoning. 

Cook’s tweet had been retweeted more than 4,000 times by Friday afternoon, garnering dozens of disgusted responses on social media.

Buffalo Wild Wings also responded to Cook, saying that the chain was looking into the issue.

The chicken chain didn’t immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Unfortunately, finding unexpected animal parts in food at restaurant chains is not uncommon. Occasionally, organs are mistakenly not removed during the food preparation process. 

However, usually in these instances, the person who finds a stray animal part isn’t an NFL player with more than 32,000 Twitter followers.

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