CHART: Here's The Truth About The Claim That Japanese Teenagers Have Stopped Having Sex

In a new investigative report, The Guardian’s Abigail Haworth takes a dive into the sexual travails of young people in Japan, asking (as the headline suggests), “Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?”

The article itself is a worth a read. It has some interesting anecdotes, but the overarching point — that Japanese youths simply “can’t be bothered with sex” anymore — spurred New York Times reporter Hiroko Tabuchi to launch an old-fashioned, chart-based tweet missive.

“C’mon guys, it’s simply not true that Japanese aren’t having sex. In 2010, ~90% of both ♂♀ had sex by early/mid 20s,” she tweeted (the link to this chart).

It’s in Japanese, but it’s not hard to figure out that the y-column is the percentage of survey respondents who have had sex, and the x column is age.

“Finally: % of single Japanese women who see benefits of single life ↓since 1987 while % seeing benefits of marriage ↑,” she tweeted along with this:

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