Japanese Telecom Is Packing Windows Onto A 4-Inch PC

An early Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC
This is an old Ultra Mobile PC running Windows Vista.

[credit provider=”Microsoft” url=”http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/umpc/default.mspx”]

If you thought Windows was a misfit on touch screen tablets, wait until you see how it works on a device the size of a smartphone.Japanese telecom NTT DoCoMo is teaming up with Fujitsu to release a 4-inch pocket PC this summer, reports IDG News.

It’s basically going to look like a big touchscreen smartphone with 3G wireless data, video calling, GPS, and other features. But it will run Windows 7 — not the Windows Phone 7 platform that Microsoft built specifically for smartphones.

NTT is also releasing a bunch of Android phones around the same time, but this beast will be twice as thick.

The unnamed device sounds like a throwback to Microsoft’s Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) or “Origami”, a pilot program that added a touch screen interface and special touch apps to the tablet version of Windows Vista and packed it all onto a super-small device.

The devices never sold very well, and Microsoft scrapped the project.

Then the iPad came along and validated the idea of a tablet PC, and now Microsoft is putting all its bets on a new touch screen interface in Windows 8.