Japanese mobile phone users take four times as many photos as Chinese users, and Americans are in the middle

Japanese smartphone photographers are the most prolific in world, and Chinese ones are the least, according to a new study of users by photo management app Gallery Doctor.

The survey pulled data from over 50,000 users all over the world, and came up with some remarkable data points.

Users of the app in Japan took twice as many photos as their American counterparts, and Chinese users took half as many — an astounding four times less than Japanese users.

One factor that might partially explain the torrent of Japanese photographs is users’ penchant for taking more than one photo at a time. The study found that 20% of Japanese users’ photos are near-duplicate or similar photos. It seems they are more concerned with getting the absolute perfect shot, and are willing to temporarily sacrifice storage space to do so.

When examining geography, Gallery Doctor found there are not only big differences between countries, but between cities as well. The data showed that people in San Francisco took 1.5 times as many “bad photos” as people in New York. The app defines these as “dark, blurry, poor quality, or just overall unimportant pictures.” Its algorithm, bolstered by machine learning, makes the determination.

Gallery Doctor also broke down the data by gender. The data showed female users took 10% more photos than men. The average woman had 1360 photos saved, while the average man had 1230 photos. But women more routinely cleaned their galleries, deleting 17% more photos than men did.

You can download Gallery Doctor on iTunes or Google Play.

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