This man got rid of almost all his possessions, and it made his life much better

Fumio Sasaki owns three shirts, four trousers, and four pairs of socks. In total, he has 150 possessions.

It’s not a money issue, it’s a lifestyle choice. The 36-year-old editor is among the thousands of people in Japan who are adopting minimalist lifestyles, according to Reuters.

The lifestyle is inspired by Zen Buddhism’s call to rid oneself of unnecessary possessions, and it’s also practical. In a country beset by earthquakes, having more objects around the house means there’s a higher chance of being injured by them.

Sasaki once collected books, CDs, and DVDs. Now he’s sold most of them or given them to friends. By getting rid of physical posessions, Sasaki reevaluated what it means to have things. Sasaki prioritised finding time to travel instead.

“It’s not as though you feel satisfied after collecting a certain amount of stuff,” he told Reuters. “Instead, you keep thinking about what you’re missing. Now, I feel contented with what I have.”

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