Japan Tsunami: Where Will All The Orphans Go?

japan crowd

Photo: MShades via Flickr

Americans clamoring to adopt children of the Japan tsunami’s victims will likely be disappointed. Tony Dokoupil on what happens to orphans in a country where adoption is virtually unheard of.Days after the earth heaved and waves pummelled northern Japan, Western comment boards and blogs lit up over the fate of the tsunami’s most vulnerable victims: the newly orphaned. “I want to take 1 or 2 of these kids [home] with me,” wrote a commenter on The Imperfect Parent. “I’m rich and I can afford it,” another person posted on Yahoo! Answers. A prospective parent on CNN.com gushed that their “little orphan baby” would be brought up “with lots of love!” Even formal organisations, from the Kyrgyzstan government to the National Association of Japanese Canadians, explored the idea of temporary shelters, adding to a now familiar chapter in stories of war and natural carnage.

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