The Japanese Government Just Hired This Cutesy Girl Band To Advertise Government Bonds


Photo: Youtube

You gotta give Japan some credit for being innovative on this one.The country’s Ministry of Finance has brought on girl pop group AKB48 as part of a promotion campaign to sell “reconstruction bonds,” which are being used to finance rebuilding in the areas of Japan hit hardest by the earthquake and tsunami in March of last year, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The government wants to issue about $33.7 billion of bonds, but buyer interest in the country has been lackluster because of lower interest rates on the debt, the WSJ reported. So, why not enlisted the help of Japan’s most popular girl band?

The 64-member girl group originated as a theatre performance in the Akihabara district of Tokyo—known for selling electronics and the geeky otakus that frequent the area. But the group grew with girls leaving and joining continuously. Nowadays, their CDs sell millions in a day and they have a legion of fans; the group has also grown so large that they’re split into “teams,” and the members’ ages range from 14 to 26.

AKB48’s promotions are expected to roll out next year and is part of a greater campaign utilising several celebrity faces to sell the bonds, according to the WSJ.

If you’re not convinced yet, this video will definitely convince you—

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