Japan Is On Its Longest Streak Of Trade Deficits Since 1980

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Japanese exports fell 4.1 per cent in November.However, it wasn’t as bad as the 5.5 per cent drop expected by economists.

The export driven economy has been getting slammed thanks to political turmoil with China, which has caused China’s taste for Japanese goods to collapse.

Exports to China tumbled 14.5 per cent during the period.

Exports to the EU did worse, tanking 19.9 per cent.

The trade deficit came in at 953.4 billion yen, which was the fifth straight month of deficits.  This is the longest streak of deficits since 1980, reports CNBC World.

Japan recently voted former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe into power on Sunday.  Abe, a conservative, ran on the platform of aggressive easy monetary policy in an effort to stimutate the struggling economy.

With the threat of inflation and currency debasement on the horizon, experts like Jeff Gundlach have recommended shorting the Japanese yen and buying Japanese stocks.