Don't Look Now, But The Japanese Nuclear Crisis Is Entering A New Phase


Photo: wikipedia commons

In the latest addition to the ongoing Japanese spiral, officials there are considering evacuating more towns as new “hot-spots” of radiation are discovered farther from the foundering nuclear plant.The new locations are far outside the 19 mile radius previously imposed.

The Wall Street Journal reports how this new threat illustrates Japan’s struggle to determine problems and address them once they have.

It’s not the first sign of fresh troubles after a period when we hear little about it.

On Tuesday, officials released studies showing the overall radiation release from the plant was 1/5 what it was at Chernobyl — twice as great as previous estimates.

Combined with the news that nuclear fuel had dropped to the bottom of the number one reactor in half the time originally believed, TEPCO stock continues to plummet to new lows, while Credit Default Swaps blow out to new levels.

The International Atomic Energy Agency legitimized these concerns with its announcement last week that TEPCO utterly failed to acknowledge risks to their plant despite advice from government experts and its own scientists.

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