The Heartwarming Story Behind The Giant Tuna That Just Sold For $736,000


Photo: Flickr/Yusuke Kawasaki

By now you might have read about the 593-pound bluefin tuna caught in Japanese waters that sold for a record-breaking 56.49 million yen (or about $736,000) at an auction in Tokyo. So just how many pieces of sushi would that make?

According to Julian Ryall at The Daily Telegraph, the fish was chopped up into about 10,000 slices of sushi after it was sold to the president of Kiyomura Co, Kiyoshi Kimura, who operates the Sushi-Zanmai restaurant chain. 

Although prized bluefin tuna can typically fetch around 5,000 yen ($65) for a single piece, the restauranteur plans to sell pieces at normal prices, costing between 135 yen ($1.75) and 418 yen ($5.43), reports The Telegraph. 

“Japan has been through a lot the last year due to the disaster,” Kimura told AP Televsion news (via “Japan needs to hang in there. So I tried hard myself and ended up buying the most expensive one.”

Bloomberg reports that the Japanese chain will take more than a $600,000 loss on the pricey fish, which would have to be sold at 5,649 yen a piece (about $74) to break even. 

“It is not just about the money, as there will be positive ripple effects from buying the fish,” Sushi-Zanmai’s spokesman Hiroshi Umehara told Bloomberg. “It is also about the Japanese spirit.”

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