Japan Faces Dozens More Magnitude-7 Quakes Because Of Aftershock

Earthquake epicenters 1963-1998

Japan is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area known for tectonic activity.In the next five years, however, earthquakes will be even more frequent and severe. This is due to aftershock and aftershock of aftershock. Basically, the Pacific Plate and the Phillipine Sea Plate have slid under the landward plate that includes Japan, experts tell Daily Yomiuri.

Prof. Koshun Yamaoka of Nagoya University says magnitude-7 quakes are likely to occur once or twice in the next month. “After that, they can be expected to happen once in two months. The occurrence of such huge earthquakes will gradually decrease to once in a half year. But the possibility remains that a magnitude-8 earthquake could happen at any time.”

This warning has been echoed by Japan’s Metrological Agency.

Since the March 11 earthquake there have been at least 430 perciptible earthquakes in Japan.

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