ALLERGIC TO MODERN LIFE: This Cancer-Survivor Can’t Stand Near Cell Phones, TVs And Other Electromagnetic Devices


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After receiving chemotherapy for bowel cancer three years ago, Janice Tunnicliffe developed a condition making it painful to be near any man-made electromagnetic waves.Television, radio, microwave, cell phones, an electric kettle — according to the Daily Mail, they all cause Tunnicliffe constant headaches, chest pains and nausea.

Immediately home from the hospital, she started to notice the pain and its connection to electronics.

It wasn’t until afterwards that I considered it might have been because of all the ‘electrosmog’ we were experiencing at home.

Since then, she and her husband have removed most every modern convenience from their home and asked their neighbours to give up wifi to go back to direct cable connections.

Despite ridding themselves of all electro-emitting devices and purchasing thousands of dollars in signal-blocking devices, Tunnicliffe’s suffering continues.

Graham Lamburn, from campaigning organisation Powerwatch, said so far the medical profession has been slow to recognise electrosensitivity as an illness as its causes are as yet unknown.

He said: ‘This kind of case is rare, but certainly there have been some people who have had to give up their houses and jobs because of ES.