Janet Yellen received medical attention following her Fed speech, now believed to be OK

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty.

Janet Yellen, chair of the US Federal Reserve, received medical attention during her speech at the University of Massachusetts titled, “Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy.”

According to different news outlets Yellen was struggling to finish the last lines of her speech, and was said to be pausing and coughing.

Others watching the event are posting similar concerns on Twitter.

Victoria Stilwell, a reporter from Bloomberg is now reporting that Yellen is fine after receiving medical attention and is continuing on with the evening’s organised events.

Yellen was discussing whether the Fed will raise interest rates at either the October or December Fed meetings, which she expects it to do. If so, it will be the first time since 2006.

Yellen’s speech also addressed inflation, which she said in her latest press conference was running “way below” the Fed’s 2% target. See more here.

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