67-year-old actress Jane Seymour posed for Playboy and shared a story of Hollywood sexual harassment

  • 67-year-old actress Jane Seymour posed in Playboy for the third time.
  • She said she feels “much sexier” than when she was young.
  • Seymour also opened up about an incident in 1972 when she said a producer sexually harassed her, and drove her to temporarily quit acting.

At 67, Jane Seymour posed for Playboy for the third time.

Seymour, who’s starred in “Live and Let Die,” “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” and “Wedding Crashers,” previously posed for Playboy in the July 1973 issue and the January 1987 issue.

Seymour told Playboy that she feels “much sexier” than she did when she was younger. “There’s an enormous freedom in having lived as long as I have,” she said. “Like my father used to say, ‘I’m comfortable in my own skin.'”

Seymour posted an image of herself from the spread on Instagram.


Seymour also opened up about her experience with sexual harassment.

Seymour told Playboy that in 1972, she was invited to a producer’s house to discuss a role. Seymour said the producer made a move on her, expecting sexual favours in exchange for casting her in his movie. Seymour refused, and asked him to call her a cab. When she got in the cab, she said the producer told her that he’d make sure she’d never work again if she ever told anyone about what just happened.

The next day, Seymour lied to her agent, saying the meeting never happened. Her agent was relieved and said that the producer had a “bit of a reputation.”

Seymour said the incident temporarily drove her to quit acting.

“I got fat. I baked bread and ate a whole loaf every morning and did needlepoint,” she said. “I decided I wasn’t going to do this anymore. I wasn’t prepared to do what had to be done.”

Seymour told Playboy that she’s speaking about it now because she believes “women should have a choice.”

“I was put in a situation where I couldn’t show what I could do,” she said. “And I’m a person who, when something bad happens, I get over it and move forward.”

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