Jane Lynch's New Not-For-Profit Gives A Crash Course In College Finances

jane lynchJane Lynch’s new not-for-profit will help families find the smartest way to pay for college.

Finding ways to pay for college–scholarships, loans, and deciding what route is the right to take can become stressful.Jane Lynch understands. 

So, the “Glee” actress launched the National College Finance centre (collegefinancecenter.org) to help. The free not-for-profit site, NCFC, gives insight to both students and parents on the smartest ways to finance a college education and repay loans.

Lynch had the following to say from a press event last week

“I really jumped at the opportunity to support this initiative because it is something that has affected my family,” said Lynch. “I have a 10-year-old daughter who will be going to college in eight years as well as nieces and nephews who are dealing with student loans right now.”

The interactive site plans to be the go-to spot to answer financial questions about further education.

One benefit the site offers is a private student loan comparison tool which shows available private loan options with costs, interest rates, monthly costs, projected total costs and more.

Watch a clip of Lynch on CBS This Morning discussing NCFC below:

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