Showpo's Jane Lu has delivered a masterclass in apologising for failure -- and all entrepreneurs can learn from it

Jane Lu/ YouTube

Jane Lu’s business Showpo thrives on the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the internet.

The business’ brand reputation was built on social media, communicating with its young audience through photos, memes, video and more.

So when things went wrong during a busy sales period, Lu turned to the internet to apologise to her customers.

A warehouse back-end glitch over Easter caused a backlog of orders, and customer enquiries doubled overnight, forcing Lu to train every employee in customer service to get through the backlog.

While the issue has since been rectified, Lu created a video to acknowledge and address the issue head on.

“To our customers, we promise to do better, and to my fellow business owners I hope that sharing this story with you will help you when you’re going through a tough time,” she said.

Watch it here.

Since it was posted on Facebook, the video has amassed over 55,000 views.

It allowed Lu and the company to apologise quickly, professionally and in a way that would reach Showpo customers. It’s a masterclass in knowing your audience and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

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