Ex-Bank CEO Killed His Daughter And Wife Before Committing Suicide, Police Say

A former top Dutch bank CEO, his wife and 22-year-old daughter were found dead this weekend inside their family home located in Laren in The Netherlands.

According to a newly released police statement (via Google translate), Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, the former head of ABN Amro Group NV, killed his wife and 22-year-old daughter before taking his own life.

Police found three deceased bodies on Saturday at around 10:30 a.m.

The initial police report suspected that it was the result of a “family drama.” The Dutch Forensic Institute confirmed that suspicion, the report said.

A suicide note was also found inside the home, the report said.

The police said they will not comment on the time of death, the manner of death or the contents of the suicide note, the report said.

The eldest daughter was not in the home at the time.

“We are deeply shocked and beaten by this unimaginable news. We knew that Jan Peter struggled with severe depression that would eventually lead to these events is still incomprehensible to us , our first concern. . . now supporting the other daughter of the family in the processing of this indescribable grief . We hope to be able to do in peace and seclusion,” the Schmittman family said in a statement.

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