Jamie Oliver's Restaurant Fined For Serving Pasta That Made A Woman 'Violently Sick'

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver is under fire once again.

The Telegraph is reporting that the British celebrity chef’s Italian restaurant chain has been fined $12,200 after a customer became violently sick at the Portsouth location in 2011 while enjoying an anniversary dinner.

Kristy Richardson has Coeliac disease  — a painful disorder that causes the immune system to reject wheat — so she instructed three members of the British restaurant’s staff that she needed gluten-free pasta, The Telegraph reported.

But instead of gluten-free, she was given an ordinary pasta dish, which caused her to become violently sick for five hours after the meal.

And as if that weren’t enough, Richardson was also on a strict regimen of immunosuppressants in anticipation of a heart and lung transplant, which also prohibited her from ingesting gluten, according to Grub Street.

She was temporarily disqualified from the waiting list for replacement organs after eating at Jamie’s Italian, according to The Sun.

The restaurant originally claimed in court that the waitress had taken the wrong order, thinking that Richardson had ordered the vegetarian meal rather than the gluten-free and vegetarian option.

The restaurant has since apologized, and pleaded guilty to “selling food not of the nature, substance or quality demanded by a purchaser,” according to The Telegraph. It has also implemented new restaurant procedures and extra training sessions.

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