Jamie McCourt To Ask A Judge To Force Her Ex-Husband To Sell The L.A. Dodgers

frank and jamie mccourt

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The L.A. Times reports that Jamie McCourt, ex-wife of Dodgers owner, Frank, is expected to ask the judge overseeing their divorce to force a sale of the team.One of the biggest problems facing the baseball team right now is that the McCourt’s have fighting over the team in their divorce proceedings for nearly two years, tying up the owner’s attention and financial resources.

Jamie has argued that 50% of the team belongs to her, while her husband believes it should not be included in their community property.

Now Jaime McCourt claims that her husband’s mismanagement is destroying the value of the team and the court should act before it falls any further, or Major League Baseball takes matters into their own hands.

It was reported yesterday that if the Dodgers don’t make payroll this month, the league may take over the entire franchise and auction it off.

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