Jamie Dimon: We’re Not Wall Street, We’re Main Street!


That may look like a hearing of top Wall Street execs, but JPM CEO Jamie Dimon doesn’t want you to get confused. His company is all Main Street:

From his testimony:

While some may think of us as a Wall Street firm, we are very much a part of Main Street.  Our 5,000 branches serve customers in 23 states.   We employ 174,000 people in 49 states ‐‐ 125,000 of them outside the New York metropolitan area.  We provide health care coverage for 417,000 people.  We have long‐ standing relationships with over 400,000 small businesses.  More than 50 million Americans own JPMorgan Chase shares, often through their retirement plans.  On average, we pay more than $10 billion a year in taxes to the federal government, as well as state and local jurisdictions.  Last year, our Foundation made charitable contributions of approximately $100 million across the U.S.  Our people are ingrained in the communities we serve.  We thrive when those communities are healthy, secure and prosperous. 

Thanks Jamie. We won’t make that mistake again.