Jamie Dimon Says He Was Not Hallucinating While Taking His Yearbook Photo

Jamie Dimon’s weird, trippy yearbook photo finally has (half) an explanation.

Ever since a book detailing the fabulous life of JPMorgan’s CEO, Last Man Standing, was published, we’ve been wondering how Jamie Dimon went from this hippy to this all-business man.

Dimon (kind of) explained the “stoner playing air guitar” photo at right to NYMag:

Dimon: I was up [at the top of the mountain in Colorado called Long’s Peak] and my friend was there, or it was my brother or something, and I said, ‘I’m gonna do a pose.’ 14-2-55, that’s the altitude. When you go to Colorado, people don’t realise you get altitude sickness.

NYMag: “So you were … maybe you were hallucinating from the height, or something, and that’s why you look kind of, um … ?”

Him: “No, I was doing fine. “

NYMag: “So there was no pot, or any … Of course, you were fine.”

(We imagine Dimon giving the NYMag reporter, Jessica Pressler, a calmly stern “no you’re not going to ask me if I was smoking dope” look in between that “…”)

We’re a little confused about why Dimon forayed the conversation into a discussion about the altitude (14,255 feet?) if the topic does nothing to explain his pose, but anyway. Now we know Dimon wasn’t hallucinating when he took this pic.

He was just high (up in the air)!

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