Jamie Dimon Is Furious At UK Labour Party, Threatens To Scrap Multi-Billion London HQ

dimon fortune

Jamie Dimon is going to bat for his bankers.

The Telegraph is reporting that Dimon called labour politician Alistair Darling and made a “coded” argument against the pay tax.

They article insinuates that Jamie Dimon said something like:

“I don’t like the banker pay tax your government has imposed” which was actually code for “remember when JP Morgan bought that land for $400 million last year? We left open an option to pull out.”

That land he was maybe referring to was the land for a new multi-billion HQ for JPMorgan in London. The new comes after reports in The Independent that Goldman Sachs had threatened to pull bankers from the city, though Goldman denied that report.

Read more at the Telegraph UK

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