Jamie Dimon Just Offered One Unhappy Congressman JP Morgan's Investment Services

Jamie Dimon

Photo: CNBC screenshot

We expected to get a much better show when Jamie Dimon hit the House Financial Services Committee to talk about JP Morgan’s recently $2 billion-plus trading loss, and we couldn’t let go of this cutesy moment between Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) and Jamie Dimon.Ackerman started off his questioning session by asking Dimon if he believed gambling was investing—to which Dimon replied “no”—and what he thought the difference was.

“When you gamble, on average, you lose, the house wins,” Dimon replied.

“That’s, in my experience, investing.” Ackerman said to giggles across the room.

Dimon didn’t miss a beat. In true salesman fashion, he shot back: “I’d be happy to get you a better investment advisor and see if we can improve upon your experience.”


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