JAMIE DIMON: 'I would love to be president of the United States'

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon wants to live in the White House, but he doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

In a conversation at the Economic Club of Washington DC, Dimon was asked by David Rubenstein, the head of the Economic Club, whether he would run for office.

“I would love to be president of the United States, but it’s too hard and too late” replied Dimon.

Dimon said that while the run of Republican candidate Donald Trump appeared to make it possible for a “businessman who had never held office before” to be successful in a run for office, the expectation of voters for a Presidential candidate to have served in office prior to taking over the White House would prevent him from winning.

Dimon said that “you have to join a party” and “be a Senator and Governor” first in order to qualify in voters’ minds, which he does not plan to do.

He also cited former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg as an example of a businessman that made the same decision not to run for President.

Dimon also expressed his opinion on the current state of economic policy. On the monetary side, he said he thinks that Federal Reserve should raise interest rates. On the fiscal side, he believes there should be government stimulus, a decrease in the corporate tax rates, and easing of regulations.

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