JAMIE DIMON: ‘America has the best hand ever dealt right now’

America has never had it so good.

That is according to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who sat down with NBC news’ Chuck Todd to chat about the history of Detroit, American politics and China.

Todd said he had an economist friend who had described the American economy as “the cleanest pair of dirty underwear in the hamper”.

Dimon gave a passionate rebuttal to the statement, saying it was overly pessimistic.

“We’ve growing at 2% to 2.5% for six or seven years. While that’s not great it’s quite good. We’ve added ten million jobs since the Great Recession.”

“America’s had the best hand ever dealt right now ever,” he added.

“Make a list of everything important, rule of law, low corruption, unbelievable innovation, entrepreneurship … the deepest capital markets — I’m not talking about banks, I’m talking about venture capital, private equity, companies, individuals, the best science, technology, engineering, maths the world has. In fact, we train 40% of them [to] go back overseas.”

Dimon said Americans should be proud of the country’s achievements.

“We have everything. Best military. And we’ll have that as long as we’re the best economy. So, you know, in my view we have the best … We have issues and we should focus on those. But boy, we should count our blessings sometimes. And sometimes I wish people would start with that.”

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