Jamie Dimon Is Laying Pretty Low At Davos

It’s been a rough year for JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, so while everyone will be rubbing elbows and taking meetings at Davos, he’s laying relatively low.

According to Bloomberg, he has no public appearances on his schedule.

Now, of course, this isn’t to say that he’s not taking meetings at all. He’s just being quiet about it. You might be too if your bank paid out $US23 billion over the last year to settle charges ranging from mortgage fraud to manipulating electricity markets.

This is especially ironic since last year Dimon made it clear that he was tired of all the banker-bashing, and said that regulators were “trying to do too much, too fast.”

He also told reporters: “Everyone I know is trying to do a very good job for their clients,” and that since 2008 the bank has “lent or raised $US7 trillion plus for people all around the world — that’s our job and we try do it very well.”

So he had swag then. Less now.

And that makes sense. This year the main issue of concern at the World Economic Forum is inequality. Global leaders are supposed to be getting their heads together to discuss how to create more equity in society. If you ask Occupy Wall Street, Dimon doesn’t need to be asked about it, he needs to be told.

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