Actor James Woods started a hashtag to help find missing people in the Camp Fire wildfires

  • Actor James Woods launched #CampFireJamesWoods on his official Twitter on Thursday.
  • He told followers and those affected by the fire to use the hashtag to post pleas for information on friends and family who were affected by the fire.
  • The actor has been retweeting posts and updating when people have been found.

Actor James Woods started a hashtag to help find missing people in California’s devastating Camp Fire in hopes of helping evacuees find their friends and family.

The Oscar-nominated actor launched #CampFireJamesWoods on his official Twitter so people could post pleas for information on relatives who were missing.

Woods, 71, tweeted the hashtag alongside a video of the blaze and several fire safety resources, saying he would retweet posts to his followers.

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Since Thursday, the actor has posted more than 100 tweets and retweets about the fire.

His missives have include dinformation about the fire, as well as updates on people who are missing and who has been found.

It’s unclear if Woods has a personal connection with the area of Paradise, California, where the blaze hit the worst.

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Woods also thanked his followers for their support amid the fire.

“To all my wonderful followers,” Woods posted. “I want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts tonight connecting people with lost loved ones in the terrible #CampFire. Your thousands of retweets of invaluable information literally saved lives. God bless you all.”

The Camp Fire started in Butte County, California, on Thursday about 90 miles north of Sacramento.

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes and the fire has already spread over more than 70,000 acres,Good Day Sacramento reported on Friday morning.

Fire officials told The Associated Press that the blaze was fuelled by winds, low humidity, dry air and parched brush after months of no rain.