Wall Street Journal Opinion Writer Starts A Twitter Firestorm With Colorado Shooting Comments

The Twitterverse is up in arms over a rather insensitive tweet from Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto in which he tells girls saved during the Aurora, Colo., shooting that he hopes they were worth it.

Here’s the offending tweet, courtesy of Gawker:

james taranto tweet

Photo: Gawker

Taranto’s comment set off a wave of responses, with most calling out the columnist for his harsh words.

responses to james taranto tweet

Photo: Twitter.com/jamestaranto

Here’s the story that started it all — a New York Post profile of three young men who died while trying to save their girlfriends when James Holmes allegedly opened fire on moviegoers during Friday’s “The Dark Knight Rises” midnight premiere.

UPDATE: We reached out to Taranto about his tweet and while he tells Business Insider he isn’t granting interviews on the subject he did write a column about it.

In his column, titled “Heroes of Aurora, A mea culpa for an errant tweet,” Taranto said he meant for his tweets to be thought-provoking, but “very few people received it that way.”

Taranto tries to backtrack in his column saying the fact the young men died to save their girlfriends means “these three women owe their live to their men.”

“The closest they can come to redeeming it is to use the gift of their survival well–to live good, full, happy lives,” Taranto wrote.

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