James Packer is being investigated by police in Israel after giving expensive gifts to PM Netanyahu's son

Photo: Scott Barbour/ Getty Images.

Australian casino mogul James Packer is reportedly being investigated by police in Israel after gifting the prime minister’s son expensive holidays and concert tickets.

It comes as Packer is trying to gain residency in Israel, having recently registered with Israeli tax authorities.

According to Israel’s Channel 10, the gifts to 25-year-old Yair Netanyahu include flights to New York and accommodation in an expensive hotel, other holidays on Packer’s private jet, and free tickets to a Mariah Carey concert.

It is unclear why Packer wants to move to Israel, although London’s The Times suggests it could be to get around a 2008 law which exempts new immigrants from paying tax on their foreign assets for 10 years.

Packer has recently been looking at business opportunities in ­Israel, particularly in the technology sector.

He already has investments in the online space with Zhaopin and Square Peg Capital.

Last year Square Peg led a $60 million injection for an Israeli startup, Fiverr: a microtasking website, specialising as a marketplace for digital skills.

Local police are already investigation Netanyahu and his wife for taking illicit money to fund foreign travel, and inappropriately using state money at their official residence. They have denied the allegations.

The Times has more.

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