James Packer Has Hired A Top Deutsche Bank Exec As CEO Of Consolidated Press Holdings And Co-Chair Of Crown Resorts

Photo: Robert Rankin

Deutsche Bank executive Robert Rankin has been announced as the new CEO of Consolidated Press Holdings.

Due to start in January, Ranking has also been nominated by CPH to serve as co-chairman of Crown Resorts alongside current chair James Packer.

CPH, which is the Packer family’s investment vehicle which owns 50.01% of Crown, said yesterday that Crown will benefit from Rankin’s previous experience running the Deutsche Banks Asia Pacific operations.

His “experience working in Asia will be invaluable as our group of companies continue their expansion in the region,” it said.

It’s believed that Rankin will be based in Asia for the role.

Rankin is currently the Co-Head of Corporate Banking & Securities and Head of Corporate Finance, on the Group Executive Committee for the Deutsche Bank.

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